Kevin Sawyer is a Catholic, husband and father of three.  His two law degrees, give him the skills to make effective change!

Recent News Article from "Your Community Voice: Kanata/Stitsville, September 6, 2018


Zone 2 OCSB Kanata North, Kanata South 

As a candidate for Catholic School Board Trustee, Kevin Sawyer campaigns on improving diversity in leadership, increased mental health programs and reducing the use of mobile class-rooms. Kevin’s children attend OCSB schools in Kanata making him well vested in a successful school experience for Kanata residents. In 2003, after obtaining a Bachelor of Theology from Saint Paul University, Kevin worked in full-time Federal prison Chaplaincy for 15 years with the Correctional Service of Canada. Kevin also obtained two law degrees from McGill University developing a keen interest in policy among other areas of law. He is an advocate for diversity. He is fluently bilingual in French and English, having a great appreciation for different cultures and backgrounds resulting from trips to different countries in Europe and Africa. This sense of a global community has helped him see the importance of helping others. Kevin coaches with the Kanata Cavaliers House League. He also volunteers with his wife at Holy Redeemer Church in Kanata in various ministries and is active on the executive council for the Knights of Columbus. Kevin believes that Christian faith in action necessitates involvement in the greater community."

Keeping Schools Catholic

What makes the Catholic schools any different than those in the public school system?  This is the question that many people are asking.  We must take initiatives that show our distinct Catholic roots.  When elected, I will push for more regular visits from Catholic clergy, regular participation in Mass and religion classes with greater oversight.  I also want to see greater opportunities for teachers to nurture their Catholic faith through retreats and seminars for them to deepen their understanding of our faith.

The Platform

Diversity in Managment

Our School populations represent a multitude of cultures and race.  Sadly, this reality is not equally represented in our school teachers and management staff.  I want to make our school board reflect the population we serve.  Diversity is beautiful!


Effective Mental Health Programs

Our schools need more consistent mental health and resiliency programs geared towards helping children cope when life is difficult.  These skills have an importance equal to academics.  I will push for evidence based programs that are implemented in every school so that our children can be stronger and be all they were meant to be!

Getting rid of those Portables!

Our parents are sick and tired of seeing their children attending school in temporary structures that are more suitable for a construction site.  Tramping through the snow to go to the bathroom in the winter is not right.  Come on people, it's the capital city of Canada!  We can do better than this and I will fight for better infrastructure for our children!



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